Shopping for furniture can be intimidating.  After all, you can walk into 5 different stores and see the same sofa (or what you think is the same sofa) at a variety of price points. So what’s a person to do?  Here are a few pointers to ensure you spend your money wisely.

3-d-livingroom-300x2141. START WITH A PLAN-The best rooms evolve over time.  After all, most of us need to build our rooms in stages due to budget constraints. But a smart way to ensure success is to begin with a floor plan so when you are buying…even if it is impulse shopping…you know the correct proportions and sizes that will fit your room.  So take the time to do your own floor plan or work with a talented interior decorator or designer to help you get your plan in place.  One of our favorite online space planning tools is…and with a touch of a button you can look at your idea in 3-D…and you don’t have to wear silly glasses to do so.


b-and-s-red-collage-sofa-300x1672. SHOP WHERE THEY KNOW THEIR STUFF!  B & S is the epitome of this type of shopping experience.  Plus many of their items are built for a client’s specific needs and begin with the frame. This allows you to know exactly what goes into your piece of furniture.  Here is a custom sofa made recently for a client, from concept to creation.

3. BUY THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD. Shopping at B & S means you can buy higher quality for less money. We created this great quality checklist to help you ask the right questions and get the quality you deserve.

  • GOOD: solid wood or 9+ layer plywood
  • BAD: particleboard, pressboard, fiberboard, soft wood that is easily damaged
  • EXCELLENT: dovetail, mortise & tenon joints
  • GOOD: dowels, screws, corner blocks to reinforce joints and corners
  • BAD: staples, nails, or glued joints
  • EXCELLENT: drawer dust panels, floating bottoms
  • GOOD: drawers with metal glide rails, stops
  • BAD: drawers with wood-on-wood sliding


  • 8-way-hand-tieEXCELLENT: Hardwood frame with no twisting or loose corners
  • GOOD: Even frame level with floor
  • BAD: frame is twisted, creaks and/or wobbles
  • EXCELLENT: hand-tied coil springs
  • GOOD: sinuous springs close together, even resistance
  • BAD: springs more than a few inches apart
  • EXCELLENT: firm foam cushions wrapped in fiberfill or batting
  • GOOD: reversible cushions with wrapped foam
  • BAD: bare foam or loose fill
  • EXCELLENT: Fabric with matched patterns front, sides, and back
  • GOOD: Lined and weighted skirts
  • BAD: Unmatched patterns with skimpy padding on arms

Not sure of the quality of a piece you are considering, ask the experts at B & S.