Original publication:Stefanie Sick.

Book For more information on David Burghardt Vision Care or glaucoma assessment visitNotes – The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph is produced by Heidelberg Engineering. Contact lenses Burghardt Vision Care first opened in Lincoln in 1984 and the practice Nettleham moved in 1989 David Burghardt Vision Care also practices@ No8 off Bailgate, Lincoln.

Or glaucoma sufferers, UKcan Lincolnshire residents at risk of an eye condition that is a leading cause of blindness now take advantage of state-of – the-art equipment from David Burghardt Vision Care for the early detection of glaucoma.Original publication:Stefanie Sick, Stefan Reinker, Jens Timmer, Thomas SchlakeWNT and DKK determine hair follicle spacing By a reaction-diffusion mechanisms. Sci, Science ExpressContact: Dr.

By a systems biology approach , which linked experimental results with mathematical models and simulations, they showing to show that proteins in the WNT and DKK family play a play a critical role in controlling the spatial arrangement of hair follicles and the theoretical requirements of the Turing hypothesis which patterning. Reaction-diffusion with the predictions of mathematical model, the density and arrangement of hair follicle with increased or decreased expression of the WNT and DKK proteins Edit (see Fig.. Biologist of the Max Planck Institute for Immunology in Freiburg, in association with theoretical physicists and mathematicians at the University of Freiburg have, restarted experimental detection rendered the Turing hypothesis of patterning.