B & S Furniture is an authorized dealer for Hekman Furniture but we are able to get most of our products from their scratch and dent area. Hekman Furniture is known for their quality furniture.

7-4503-Hekman-Armoire-209x300Because Hekman Furniture has such a high quality level any piece that has even the smallest dent, scrap or scratch is sent to their Scratch and Dent {imperfects} area and B & S Furniture is able to purchase it!!

howard-mill-upholstered-bed-225x300Here in North Carolina we have some of the BEST furniture repair craftsmen in the world. Jim is our in house furniture repair Guru. Jim has been with Bruce and B & S Furniture for 13 years and is one of the best in the business. When Jim repairs anything it is unlikely anyone can detect the repair location, yup he’s that good!

Hekman-Trestle-Dinig-Table-and-10-EJV-Chairs4-248x300B & S Furniture purchases from Hekman Furniture about every 3-4 weeks so we always have new and different inventory. Remember, we can purchase from Hekman Furniture first quality but the price will be much higher than what we usually sell it for. We have listed below our Hekman / Howard Miller pieces that we have right now or have had in the past.

Hekman-Bar-2345-003-300x225 Hekman-Bar-2345-004-300x225B & S Furniture also purchases most of the sample pieces that Hekman Furniture shows at the spring and fall International Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina. This is very exciting because B & S Furniture purchases these samples from Hekman and they are usually one of kind masterpieces.  Here are just some of the unique pieces that we have had/have from Hekman Furniture and their sister company Howard Miller.