The program helps the participants to lifestyle changes.

The digital coaching program helps the participants understand the impact of elevated blood pressure and what a healthy blood pressure should be for his situation. The program helps the participants to lifestyle changes, the effects of various blood pressure by focusing on techniques for dealing with stress, acceptance and ownership may at his / her condition, medication adherence and effective working with a health care team. The program helps the participants to achieve sufficient results including improved blood pressure, weight loss, improved medication adherence, enhanced self-confidence, increased physical activity, better nutrition and improved productivity..

Medicare Digital Health Coaching is unique because it is people-centric and works across multiple conditions and lifestyle factors, delivers consistent high-quality coaching every time, scales to any size population and is private, confidential and convenient. As a result of the leading employers and health are measurable results that productivity and reduced productivity and reduced health care costs, their populations. The women in the study were newly diagnosed with PTC and are not treated according. Continue reading


Bioterrorism, Pandemic Flu Preparedness Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid last week said that bioterrorism and pandemic influenza preparedness are among his priorities. For the lame – duck session, Democrats, are trying a bill , sponsored by Senator Richard Burr , the pass to allow a law relating to bioterrorism and disease outbreak preparedness through 2011 again, the legislation would:.

Gerberding added that it is not clear if the season has reached its climax. – ‘It is too early to tell, but we are confident we will start to concrete evidence of peaking in the States to at the earliest could be seen,’she said. – So far, 42 children from flu – related causes, which Gerberding died called ‘very disappointing and disturbing. ‘. Continue reading